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The Pictoplasma Portrait Gallery exhibition

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 29, 2014, 2:53 PM

Happy happy news!! One of my character has been selected to be part of the Pictoplasma Portrait Gallery installation in art space Kaufhaus Jandorf, Berlin.

The show is a part of the bigger Pictoplasma Festival holding from April 30 to May 11.
Then later this year the Pictoplasma Portrait Gallery will move to Monterrey, Mexico and will be presented as part of an extensive Pictoplasma exhibition in the Museum for Contemporary Art MARCO from September 2014 to January 2015.

So excited! ♥

Bunny Emoji-10 (Loved) [V1] 

Super nouvelle!! Un de mes personnages a été sélectionné pour faire partie de l'installation Pictoplasma Portrait Gallery à l'espace d'art Kaufhaus Jandorf, Berlin.

L'évènement fait par ailleurs partie du festival Pictoplasma qui se tiendra du 30 Avril au 11 Mai.
Puis plus tard dans l'année l'exposition s'envolera vers Monterrey, Mexique et sera présentée dans le cadre d'une vaste exposition Pictoplasma au Musée d'Art contemporain MARCO de Septembre 2014 à Janvier 2015.

Tout joyeux tout plein! ♥

The Pictoplasma Portrait Gallery by Cappippuni    Pictoplasma's Character Walk by Cappippuni

The Pictoplasma Portrait Gallery
Kaufhaus Jandorf
Brunnenstraße 19-21
10115 Berlin Mitte, Germany

May 1-11, 2014
12:00 - 20:00

New site!

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 8, 2014, 10:17 AM

Yaaaaay happy news! My redesigned new website is now live after few weeks without any news (and lots of coffee consumed)!!! ^3^

Find it at and don't hesitate to leave me your feedback! :heart:

About client and beginner artist

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 5, 2014, 9:37 PM

Hiya there!

I hope you all had an awesome holidays and happy New Year (and haven't abused too much of those om nom nom chocolates!!). ^3^

Bunny Emoji-10 (Loved) [V1] 

After a loooooong time without new journal post on dA I decided to strike on my keyboard (gosh I will never get used to the integration of on deviantART and all these changes around here).
More exactly I want to know your opinion and advices about some situations. The following discussion approach a quite personal subject but after trying to find which would be the wisest decision to take these latest days I admit I'm completely lost and need your help which will be very very very precious. :heart:

Recently I was contacted by a client for a long-term commissioned project and after several discussions I started to think about my potential impact in such project.

Being myself a beginner self-taught artist, I am still searching my way and, in a more technically-speaking I am utterly disorganized in my work, both in the management (most often directly digitally drawing without any preliminary sketches or rough vectors) and also in my art process - especially with the tricks I use for the style of my work unfortunately leading to very, very messy layers organization inside the .psd files.
As an example the original work file of my little New Year 2014 illustration contain 531 layers for a 359MB .psd on my hard disk, most of the layers scattered all around the .psd.
Not so optimized and managed don't you think - and I think I found why my barbecue laptop is overheating soooo much... ;n;

Asked to firstly begin with rough drafts as preliminary steps then needing to provide the .psds, I will tell that my huge disorganization may be a big handicap  for this specific commission and wouldn't take the risk to bring issues in this kind of work.

I think that the lack of confidence don't help us to go forward in our goals but at the same time hiding our current capabilities may brings troubles where it shouldn't.
Leaving our comfort area is a hard but necessary task as challenges help us to progress and learn by bigger steps for almost everything in our life - efforts are very rewarding at the end - but getting ahead of ourselves lead to a waste of energy and potentially confusion.

☂   ☁   ☀

This topic is about a particular private subject but as probably several of us already faced such concerns I would like to know your thoughts in such situation.

LOLbell  As a beginner artist, would you take the risk to accept a commissioned project which the scope is beyond your current capabilities/skills/knowledges?

LOLbell   It is better to only accept smaller commissions at the beginning of your art way and increasingly taking larger projects over your progress or immediately accepting every work proposals as entry?

LOLbell   How organized are you in your art-related work?

Icon set time

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 6, 2013, 2:41 AM

Aaaaah finally the sunny and warm days are here, no more boring rainy sky! I love summer!! :love:

This isn't a fresh news if you already follow my Facebook page or my blog as I posted these previews few weeks ago except here, but I'm working on a new icon set.


This project isn't so recent as I initially started it almost a year ago, then put it in pause until continuing it later in the same year.

Unfortunately I lost all of the work done ‒ at that moment more than 70 icons were done if I remember ‒ and dropped any icon sets... but I really miss doing icons as my latest released icon set is now getting old and well, there is never enough cute and happy icon sets! ^w^

For quickly resuming, this set will mainly focus around breakfast theme, featuring toasts, toaster, milk, cup of tea and others thingies...

At this moment I can't tell exactly when did I will finish them as I plan to add many icons and doing it from time to time as a side project, maybe in the next weeks or in the next months, depending how I will progress on it...

More info soon (well, I hope)! :heart:

New Flickr

Journal Entry: Mon May 20, 2013, 11:50 PM

I just saw yesterday evening that Yahoo has completely redesigned Flickr. Good surprise! ^w^
This website really needed a deep redesign as it was getting really outdated and not so appealing for users in 2013. Funny fact is that I was still complaining on a forum about an hour before it was released about when did Yahoo (owner of Flickr) will think about giving it a new facelift. u_u

Artworks by Stupid Love and  100% Soft

So, what about it?

My favorite part is the revamped layout, much more modern and eye-candy that the old website which almost never changed for many years, clean and minimalist; some parts reminding the Facebook timeline ‒ bigger avatars, header pictures ‒ may be a matter of taste (personally I'm not a great fan); art thumbnails are now tiled and fill the screen (again, this is a matter of taste. I usually prefer full white background on websites, but the new scheme there is good too).

But the rest isn't so good... Some parts are still using the old style (profile page, profile and account settings, picture uploading module) mixed into the new layout, glitches here and there, and the most noticeable detail is that the whole website is much slower especially for slow/old computers or low bandwidth Internet connexion.
Currently using a slower laptop, loading each pages makes the PC easily overheating, even worst that when browsing on deviantART.

And confusing, really confusing. Ouch! O_____O

Good move from Yahoo, good-looking interface, but the main problems with this site are still here.
In overall, I like it, anyway hoping that it will not get boring to use after several weeks...

If you use Flickr, what do you think about this new controversial version? :chew:


Journal Entry: Tue Apr 16, 2013, 7:03 PM

If you have missed it, I now have a blog at! All-new all-freshly baked!
Don't hesitate to say a little hello! :love:


Si vous l'aviez manqué, j'ai désormais un blog à! Tout nouveau tout fraîchement sorti du four!
N'hésitez pas à passer faire un petit coucou! :love:

My decision

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 1, 2013, 8:35 AM

Since several weeks I was thinking about some details which led me to a dilemma, changing direction.
As I — to admit — completely lose inspiration for art and feel really, really bored of cute and kawaii things (seriously, life need to stay always serious), I took the decision to abandon art.
I took a long break for having more perspective on this, thinking about this choice, hence my absence. But the outcome is that I stop with that from now.
Sorry for being rude in my words, but this is result of a long-time reflexion, trying to convince me to go back will be useless, sorry.

Well, I'm thinking about posting occasionally some traditional cooking recipes from my location here and sharing some local cheeses, so delicious! :hungry:

Hope you will understand my decision. Thank you all for your love and all of these great moments spent here! Love you! :thanks:

Long absence

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 13, 2013, 11:42 PM

Hello! :)

Long time I hadn't been active on deviantART, but I will be fully back here soon, don't worry. I'm working on some projects (more info about one of them in the next days) and still busy by life thingies, hence my absence.
Also planning to proceed to some changes soon! :D

Short journal entry just to say that and to say that I love you all! :heart:

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Back from hospital (and will go again) :c

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 29, 2012, 4:44 PM

December 11th Update:

Hiya everyone!!! :hug:

I would apologize for my total absence online since about a month, but many things are currently happening in my life (more details about that soon), and the bad news is that I had again issues with my right lung since yesterday (December 10th), difficulties to breathe, feel lacking of oxygen and hurting chest (but I haven't made any efforts at all, don't worry! ^_^).
So, I will go to the hospital tomorrow morning and will probably have another surgery in the upcoming days, probably staying at the hospital for at least a week if all goes good and depending of the surgery. Not fun at all... *sigh* :'(
Anyway I try to stay optimistic and hope that things will be good this time! : )

Don't worry. See you soon, and always be happy! ^________^


October 29th Journal Entry:

Sorry for my recent absence online, I'm just back from hospital for a lung surgery. :invisible:

Initially I thought I had caught a bad cold due to the humid autumn climate, I was feverish and always coughing with breath shortness since early October but more recently I fainted after serious breath difficulties.
Immediately sent to the hospital emergencies, my right lung wasn't working at all and the heart rate was abnormally high with lack of oxygen. The diagnosis was immediate, it was a pneumothorax (definition on Wikipedia).
In the hour that followed I underwent surgery for inserting a drain pump directly through my chest to the lung for removing the accumulated blood hemorrhage. Despite local anesthesia in the emergency, it was probably the most painful experience of my life. :'(

Then the next morning I was transferred to a more advanced hospital by helicopter (first time I've been in a helicopter... well the 60km-long/15 minutes journey was tiring and painful).
Thursday 23, I was in surgery again under complete anesthesia for removing the first temporary pump and inserting two bigger drain pumps in my chest instead, almost 3 liters of blood were around my lung. Scary! O_O

After-surgery things went good, I no longer needed to be under oxygen assistance since Thursday, while the drains were removed first Friday and last Saturday, finally back home after the weekend. ^_^

So, I'm finally back to home, still really really tired and right chest hurting, but the most important is that I can breathe again and especially that I'm alive.
Seriously, I learned that it is necessary to enjoy every day of our lives, things can quickly switch sometimes. Enjoy the life. :nod:

For now, I will need to rest a lot (so tired) and have home care/breath therapy for some time, and no physical activities for 4 months. Ouch! D:

☁ ☂

I noticed that I never done a kiriban before. Why not a little quick kiriban right now? For 30 Points? :eyes:
:eager::megaphone: Just catch the 100,000th pageviews on my profile page, then post a screenshot in a comment here showing it!
Be quick!

Gooooooood luck!! ^_______________^♥

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22th Cake Day!

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 12, 2012, 9:23 AM

...aka my 22th Birthday! :party::iconhappehdanceplz:

Aww I was so surprised and happy when I saw all of your birthday wishes!! :') You are so awesome, love you all!! :heart:
Thank you thank you soooooooo much!!!

This year I wasn't really lucky, I was (and still) sick and feverish, non-stop coughing. Ah autumn and sudden climates changes at this season... ◕﹏◕

Wow years are really going faster and faster, I am already 22 years old! O_O I remember I was always complaining that I wasn't growing up quickly when I was kid then teen, but since around my 18 life is going at a much faster pace.
One more year, more new things and surprises... ^_^

Huuuuuuuuge hugs and thanks to everyone!!!! Oh yaaaay!! :tighthug:

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Spams on deviantART

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 27, 2012, 2:14 AM

I recently noticed that some deviations are spammed by newly-registered accounts, linking to scams surveys.
If you happen to see a similar comment as saw in example below, do not go to the linked content.

Due to this recurring problem since few days, I temporary deactivated the comments on my Toybox for Windows 7 visual style for avoiding more flood after several spams posted in the comments.
The other big problem in the same category is that a hacker steal some visual styles randomly, repackage them with malwares or links to malicious contents, and doesn't allow the possibility to post comments on the concerned stolen deviations.
If you see that my theme has being recently 'resubmitted' in the Customization > Skins & Themes category by someone else, please don't download it for your safety. ♥

To anyone which may wonder why I deactivated comments on this specific deviation, this is just a temporary solution to avoid a spam flood until the problem will be hopefully fixed by the dA staff.
Meanwhile if you have any important issues encountered while using this visual style, please leave a comment directly on my profile page.

Thank you for understanding. ^_^

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Daily Deviation!!!

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 25, 2012, 10:59 AM

Yaaaay I can't believe it!! I received my first Daily Deviation!!! :iconholysheepplz:

When I opened my browser in the afternoon (another sunny summer day here), I noticed that my inbox was much more loaded that usual. Hmmm lots of activities today here...
But when I saw that most of them comments where posted on the same deviation, I was like 'oh my gosh... I... no, this is not true'. Maybe I made a mistake when checking the inbox...
But no, I have my glasses on my nose (myopic...), so... this was true? ._. Oh wow! That's so awesome! I was so excited!! Wow! ;_;

Thanks so much to :iconjcroxas: for suggesting my In Pixelated Icon Set and :iconhardrockangel: for the feature!!!
And a special huge thanks to everyone for all of your amazing comments, faves and watches today! Thank youuuuuu!!!

Love you all! ♥

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Journal Entry: Tue Aug 21, 2012, 10:19 AM

Just wanted to announce that AniPan is now opened as public open Beta.
If you never heard about it, this website is a new online art community featuring the possibility to connect and cross-post our artworks to deviantART and Tumblr.

Also, for celebrating the event, a mini-contest is hosted by :iconsteffne:, offering the chance to have one of your original character ("OC") in an interactive Flash game, in her latest Journal entry at the following link: Anipan raffle- Win your OC in my next game c:!

Here's the conditions to enter into her contest:
The prize:
- 3 winners!
- Each winner may select an OC to be part of my next game, whether it's their own or a nominated friend :heart:
(The theme will be fairly girly-ish, but I'm sure that's expected with my gallery LOL)

How to enter?
1- Join anipan [link]
2- Post a journal or poll linking back to this Anipan raffle journal c:
3- Comment on this journal with your Anipan ID/username and a link to your posted journal/poll ^__^

How will the winner's be picked?
- I'll give everyone a number and use a random number generator to select my three winners! <3

Have fun, and good luck to everyone!! :happybounce:
Ah! Here's also my all-new AniPan account: 8869th user! ^_^

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'Toybox for Windows 7' available!

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 7, 2012, 2:42 PM

Finally finished and uploaded my 'Toybox' visual style for Windows 7!!! Yaaaaay! ^_^
Don't hesitate to report any bugs encountered with it! Thanks to everyone for all your help, support and bugs reports!!
Have fun!! :heart:

Toybox for Windows 7 by Cappippuni

Oh! Also happy 12th birthday to deviantART on August 7th! :party:
Does everyone are enjoying the Free Premium Membership Day this day? : )

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Updated journal skin :)

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 2, 2012, 9:30 PM

Just testing my freshly-new journal skin (after fighting with coding! Argh!)... Tried to keep it quite simple (and because I'm a noob with these CSS thingies!).
What do you think? :happybounce:

☂   ☁   ☀

Also (I need to test how this journal skin appear with some text and linked contents. Ahahaha! :giggle:), I have almost finished my 'Toybox' visual style for Windows 7, 5 colors out of 6 are already finished!
If all goes well, it should be completed very shortly, probably in the upcoming days... Finally! : )

More info soon! Thanks a lot to everyone for your tests, bugs reports and your support!! ♥

*Little translation of the Japanese names used in English (correct me if I've made a mistake, I'm still learning this language and am not really sure with the spelling of some words...)
Ichigo > Strawberry
Shida > Fern
Himawari > Sunflower
Umi > Ocean
Yoru > Night
Konkurīto > Concrete

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'Ichigo Pistachio' beta-test

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 8, 2012, 12:46 AM

As some deviants asked me about how is the progress of the updated version of my 'Ichigo Pistachio' visual style for Windows 7, I've finally almost finished to work on it after having removed the previous version a while ago due to critical issues most of the users encountered with it.
If you want to test it before I upload the theme, you can download the beta version at the following link (only include 'pink' version):

Also you can find the frames buttons (back/forward, refresh, search) separately here (only compatible with Windows 7 x64 SP1!):

In detail, this theme is now renamed to Toybox instead of Ichigo Pistachio, due to the fact that more colors will be included.
About the others colors variations, I'm currently finishing to work on them. The final version will include blue, pink, yellow, green, purple and gray. Now with more choices! :dummy:

If you encounter important problems, crashes, freezes... don't hesitate to report them here, this will be very helpful! Thank you for your help! :heart:

Sorry for the lack of new works submitted and for having not replied to everyone lately, updating this visual style took me much more time than I thought... >_<
I need to focus on it before making new things or I will lost motivation to finish this visual style! ; )

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New Facebook page

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 16, 2012, 12:31 AM

I moved my Facebook page to a new address following my recent identity change.
If you followed my previous page, you can now find it at the following address: :la:
Thank you so much!!

☂   ☁   ☀

Also just a quick info to say that I'm currently finishing the new -and hopefully fixed- fixed version of my Ichigo Pistachio visual style for Windows 7 (originally made almost a year ago but since unavailable due to serious issues encountered by many users), which should be available before July if all goes well...

And a little surprise coming soon... : )

PS: This Journal skin is temporary, I'm currently trying to learn and understand some parts of CSS coding (quite complex! Argh!), wanting to make a completely different Journal with a header picture and background/footer... >_<

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I'm back online!

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 8, 2012, 9:43 AM

Helloooooooo everyone!!! I missed you so much these latest two months!! :tighthug:
So, how are you? Everything's going well? Everyone's happy? Good news?

I just saw that deviantART has finally implemented the possibility to change our usernames (well... for Premium members), but about this subject I'm now thinking if I should switch to my new account (Cappippuccino) or, due to the mistake I made to having created an account with the wanted name before this feature was added, trying to modify 'Cappippuccino' a little (wanting to keep the overall name idea).
If anyone have some suggestions about slight modifications of this name, don't hesitate to post them! This will help me a lot before taking a definitive decision (and may avoid to switch to a new account)! : )

Thank you so much for all of your messages and Notes sent during my offline break, I really appreciate!! I will try to reply to all of them as soon as possible! ^_^

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Journal Entry: Mon Apr 9, 2012, 3:59 PM

I will be offline in the coming days and for a period of between 2 weeks to a half months for personal thingies.
Don't worry, nothing bad happened, I'm just currently overloaded with very important life things I need to do in priority, hence why. It's sure, I'll be back before mid-May in the longest case! ^^;
At least, I hope to have some free time to make some new drawings...

Stay happy and cool! See you later!! :heart:

☂   ☁   ☀

About the recent discussion about my username issue, I noticed that 'Cappippuccino' may be quite hard to remember and spell easily as suggested in some comments.
Also thought about an other username I already use as an alternative name in few sites since some months, 'Cappuccino Reinbear', the composition sounds good but a little detail may complicate the idea: the length in some cases.
The current suggestion I had in mind is that I will use 'Cappuccino Reinbear' as the new name of my account here if deviantART finally implement the possibility to change our usernames before this summer, or probably switching to 'Cappippuccino', and so to a new account, if the debate about such possibility at the dA staff will got no conclusion in a near future (or, if the first case will become reality, the latter will be used as a kind of short name at some places)

Well... Anyway I will continue to think seriously about that in the calm, taking my time before taking the best decision... : )

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Username over the time

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 26, 2012, 7:10 AM

Hiya everyone!! :happybounce:

I need your help and would know your opinion about a specific subject, the choice of a username and his evolution over the time.
The problem is about my username, which I originally used for the first time many years ago. When I chose to be known as 'Mag1cWind0w' online, I wanted something containing the word 'magic' and starting with the same letter than my real first name, 'window' was just a random word (my English vocabulary was very veryyyyy limited at this time!) and the worst part was to use numbers instead of letters in it (stupid decision I made, seriously...).
It was fine during a very long time but over the time I started to realize that it does sound a bit too 'geeky' and now it doesn't fit with me, never thought that I will use extensively and more seriously some websites where I made accounts using this name. :saddummy:

As little fact, I created my deviantART account only for fun, without initially planning to upload art or using it at all, after a joke started with some members on a forum I was very active at this time (mid-2008).
Then after browsing and discovering a bit this website, I started to gain more and more interest about this place and this community (also my center of interests were completely changed when growing up and being older ;) ), began upload some of my very first works (deleted since a while) and increasing interest in art-related thingies, finally I moved definitively to dA!
I thought quite some time ago about removing the numbers in it, leading to 'magicwindow', but I noticed that this typo is used quite often online and even on dA (existing here), so this option was cancelled.

Now, I'm hesitating if I should continue to use it as my identity for my works, or using my real name, or starting to use a more appropriated new username? I'm already using the first at many places on the Web but it may sound too 'geeky' as said above; the second option have his own pros/cons depending of some factors; and the third option may be an interesting idea but may be lead to some inconsistencies online due that I already using my current username in lots of places, for example on deviantART and many other websites where changing the user name is impossible without creating a new account, something I would avoid... : (

What do you think? Should I keep my username? Does it sound too weird and doesn't fit? What should be the best choice?
Sorry if I may seems a bit too selfish, but this issue is too complex and I need your help and opinions. ^^;

Thank you very much for your help!!! ♥

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